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David Leigh Weber

What is flow

Put simply, flow is God (or universal energy) flowing through you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. It is who you are supposed to be, your essence, and is something that is set from birth. Think of flow as a river that only goes one direction and is strongest when there are no blockages. Some people have described flow as being your soul, but in reality it is far deeper than that. ALL human experiences can be broken into flow and blockage of flow. Blockages come from a variety of sources (society, traditions, internal conflicts, etc.) and are responsible for the majority of “bad” things that happen such as war, hatred, crime and so on.
By following your flow you will achieve a tranquility and confidence in life you never thought possible. You will NEVER make a decision again since you will always KNOW what to do. And being in flow is infectious — you will find all your interactions in the world will be different, more positive and more life affirming.

How do I find my flow?

While each person’s journey is unique, the best way to begin is to listen to The Rishis talk about the concept of flow. From there you can schedule a Rishi session or listen to other CDs in the “Understanding Flow” series. Whatever path you choose, once you find your flow you will find you can become more successful, happier, and more satisfied in life than you ever thought possible!

Who are The Rishis?

The Rishis (pronounced “The Reeshees”) are the original humans who have evolved to become what can generically be described as “spirit guides”. The Rishis originally appeared to me as three distinct beings but now communicate directly as a single voice. They are highly personable and love engaging in dialogue with you.

What is a Rishi session?

Whether in person (Silicon Valley) or by telephone, a Rishi session is a transformative experience. The Rishis work through me, although I am “present” during the session. It’s sort of like having a three-way conference call except I let The Rishis do all the talking. The session is 100% centered around you, meaning you decide what you want to talk about. You can come to a session with questions or simply let The Rishis guide you. In general, The Rishis are communicating directly with your true self, your flow if you will. Nothing happens that isn’t supposed to happen, since the issues raised are topics your true self wants to talk about. The Rishis love engaging in a dialogue and are very personable. They work with you rather than simply lecturing “from on high”. Their sole goal is to help you remove your barriers to flow and discover the person you were always supposed to be. While a one-time session can generate incredible results, working with The Rishis over a period of time is recommended. All that The Rishis and I ask is that you are truly committed to finding your flow.

 Who is David Leigh Weber?

Growing up Episcopal in New Hampshire I had a great experience with God and religion in general. The church I attended had a liberal-bias and therefore taught that, as a Christian, I should question everything and not accept pat answers simply because someone said that¹s how things are. Inquisitive by nature, these teachings fit in perfectly with who I was. When I got out in the ‘real world’ of college, graduate school, and ultimately the work force, I encountered a wide variety of philosophies, religions, and belief systems unlike anything I had seen in New Hampshire. I was like a sponge and tried to absorb as much as possible, even if it meant challenging a lot of my self-imposed conservative beliefs.

Yet through it all I always was uncomfortable when someone would make definitive statements about God and morality that ended with ‘or you will go to hell’. Especially vexing was when a minority group was singled out as being ‘evil’. This just didn¹t jive with my personal beliefs, although I must admit I didn¹t have definitive answers myself. I only knew that associating God and the human experience with fear, hatred, and bigotry was wrong.
In 1990, work brought me to California where I encountered even a greater variety of philosophies and belief systems. During this time, unbeknownst to me, my ‘insides’ were breaking down my barriers to flow ‹ dragging me kicking and screaming into an existence in flow. I sought out a therapist to deal with my traumatic childhood issues including molestation. I joined Alanon and ACA (Adult Children Anonymous) where my story resonated with others and theirs with mine. I started associating with friends who were supportive of my growth. In 1995 I became an independent businessman and my business steadily grew each year. I even fell in love for the first time ever and purchased a home to start a life together.

By 2001 everything fell apart. The dot com bust devasted my business. I was nearly ruined financially when we bought one house without selling the other (a necessity in the hot California market) and the other didn¹t sell for nine months. I was even hit by a drunk driver. I was in panic mode virtually every day. Things got so bad that my partner and I broke up two years later. For the first time in my life, I began to question the existence of God and why, after making so much progress in my life, everything I valued was being ripped away from me.

Then everything changed. In 2003, through a series of happenstances, I met a woman who was experimenting with a new form of hypnotheraphy. Since I had little real work to occupy my time, I agree to be her test subject. The sessions were unlike anything I had experienced before, and I was able to bring to closure many of the issues that had dogged me my entire life, including the molestation.

Suddenly, out of the blue, the spirit guides that were helping me heal began talking back and directing the conversation. For hours on end they talked about an incredible number of issues, mainly focusing on the concept of flow. They also stated that my purpose in life, my flow if you will, was to spread this message of flow in order that the greatest number of people could truly live the lives they were always meant to have. The world they showed me was coming was incredible.
Since that time I have had hundreds of Rishi sessions with clients from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I have learned an unbelievable amount about the human experience, and now have the definitive answers to questions that have challenged me since I was a child. Of course, I am still learning as are my clients, but the one constant is that everything in life emanates from flow.

Who are the October children?

From the beginning, The Rishis have talked about the “next generation” of humans who will be more in flow and not susceptible to blockages. These new humans are the ones born on or after October 2, 2003 and can be referred to as the “October” children. They will truly revolutionize the way the world works, somewhat similar to how America’s baby boomers redefined current society but on a much deeper core level. Imagine a world where everyone lives in flow, living each day to be as successful and happy as possible. The blazed the path for the flow children, the ‘ultimate’ humans.

Now, the question naturally arises about those born prior to October 2, 2003, including yourself! For the past few decades humanity in general has progressed towards greater flow, setting the stage for the next generation of humans. Many of the clients I have worked with over the past few years have discovered their ultimate purpose in life is to act as guides and teachers for the October children. In fact, one client’s 10 year old is poised to become a world leader in this respect.

What that means is that you and any older children of yours have a unique and truly wonderful purpose in life — set the foundation for the amazing world to come. Enable this new generation to truly find their flow and create the next stage in humanity. You will learn from them and they certainly will learn from you!
Finally, if you are the parent of an October child be prepared for some distinct changes from the way you were as a child. These October children are working from a flow perspective and will question (and ultimately reject) anything and everything that conflicts with their own flow. That said, the more you can encourage their flow the better and more successful both you and they will be.

 Who are the flow children?

Flow children, ALL those born on or after January 15, 2008, are the next evolution of humanity. They are genetically predisposed to “avoid” flow blockages and to live lives in flow, in perfect harmony with their core selves. They have ushered in what is called the Flow Era.

What is the Age of Communication?

On February 7, 2010 the Age of Communication was ushered in. This gave (and will continue to give) humans unparalleled abilities to communicate with everything, literally everything, around them. That means you will be able to achieve all your goals faster and more efficiently since you will understand every issue from a 360 degree standpoint.

What is My Life Has No Purpose?

My Life Has No Purpose is a great flow primer, an introduction to the concept of flow, its history, and how you can apply flow to your life today!