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A Rishi session is a lot more than just a psychic reading designed to make your feel good. The Rishis, working through David Leigh Weber, are simply messengers than are telling you what your true self, your flow, wants you to know. This helps empower you like never before, and can help you achieve the success, contentment, and overall happiness you’ve always wanted. While every session is unique, generally The Rishis start by giving you an overview of what is going on with your life, your flow and what is blocking that flow. Then you can ask any question you like on any topic. Often people come with many written questions but once they understand their flow they soon realize how everything falls into place.

How is a Rishi session different? Rather than simply giving you answers (‘you will find love in a next few months”, for example), they give you the how and why things are happening. This gives you a 360 degree view of any given issue, resulting in amazing insight. While the majority of people who have sessions are never surprised by what they find out, many were never able to put the puzzle pieces together before. One woman, who was 60, was losing her business and was constantly depressed. Through her Rishi session she learned her issues stemmed from her childhood when her father wanted a son rather than a daughter. She had spent her life trying to ‘be the man her father wanted’ and was never able to achieve that in her mind. Once she realized what was going on she was able to heal and take charge of her life for the first time ever.

Of course, a Rishi session is no substitute for professional therapy and/or medical treatment. A Rishi session is the ultimate way for you to understand yourself and your world, and with that knowledge you truly have the keys to the kingdom!

How to book a session: A Rishi session can be held in person (we’re located just outside San Francisco, CA) or over the phone. In-person sessions can be paid for by cash, check. Call 650-341-7645 or E-mail us directly. It is recommended you record your in-person Rishi session. Phone sessions are not recorded, although arrangements can be made to accommodate (you will get an .mp3 file).

Please note: The following products are billed by LEARN ABOUT FLOW, the parent company of The Rishis

The Rishis Life Success Kit (with Kathleen Schramm)

Life Success KitThis kit contains everything you need to get the most out of your life and become the success you were always meant to be! No matter what your situation, no matter what you are looking for in life, this kit will empower you to achieve it.

You get:

How to Empower Yourself Through Flow MP3. This MP3 contains powerful teachings direct from The Rishis. It gives you practical ways to find true happiness, peace, and success as well as how to deal with life’s problems as they arise. A $15.95 value.

Shamanic Tools For Everyday Success MP3. This MP3, as taught by renowned shaman, clairvoyant, and Reiki Master Kathleen Schramm, contains a variety of powerful tools for moving energy, removing any negative forces from your being, and realizing continuous success in any situation. Includes an amazing meditation you will want to listen to again and again. A $24.95 value.

Flow For Success Workbook. This comprehensive workbook features an in-depth primer on flow (what makes you successful), true-life stories of flow in action, practical exercises in discovering your own flow, and much more. A $19.95 value.

Shamanic Guide to Ultimate Success. This powerful guide contains exercises, real-life examples, and other tips that empower you to move energy, turn bad situations into positive ones, and much more. Kathleen Schramm has helped thousands of people achieve ultimate success over the years, and now you can learn her secrets right from the comfort of your own home. A $19.95 value.

Only $27! A tremendous value!

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Straight answers to tough questionsStraight answers to tough questions audio class

This audio class, as presented by The Rishis, covers commonly asked questions about life including:

How can I truly be happy? As you get into greater flow does happiness build on itself and therefore get into greater flow? Why is life so hard? What is the purpose of life? How do I live a life that pleases God? How does one life a so-called moral life, and how can I determine the difference between right and wrong? Is it true, as the Buddhists believe, that suffering is caused by desire? What about the concept of karma? What is the relationship between coincidences and flow? What is deja vu? Is it flow telling me I didn’t do it right the first time and have to do it all over again? How can I find peace? How can I find success in life?

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Ghosts, goblins & Santa ClausGhosts, goblins & Santa Claus audio class

This audio class, as presented by The Rishis, is a fascinating exploration that looks at common myths throughout history. Questions include: • Throughout history there have been tales of goblins, leprechauns, and other similar beings. Do any of these things exist? • Do ghost exist? Why do people say they see ghosts, are they just their imagination? • What about the black arts? For example, those who dabble in the occult? Can one actually gain power from “worshipping” dark entities? • Is there is a difference if you light a white candle vs. a black candle? Or, to put it another way, do colors have different vibrations? • Is Halloween offensive to God? What about Mardi Gras and similar celebrations? • Where did the concept of a devil and Satan come from? • Can someone be possessed? Is an experience like “The Exorcist” real? • What about angels? • Why can children and animals “see” ghosts and other phenomena? • Is there a Santa Claus? Tooth Fairy? What is the purpose of such things in relation to flow? • Do fairy tales have any basis in reality? Are they actually blockages to flow? • What about aliens? Do aliens exist? Are aliens on this planet? Are they superior to humans? • Is fantasy better than reality? • If I have a good dream that makes me feel great why am I unable to duplicate that experience in my real life?

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